Roseby Foss gave her heart to the Lord in 1979. She has been on a journey with the Lord that has taken her into third world countries: Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the Islands of the South Pacific. As a Teacher, Counselor, and Social Worker, doors have opened up in many diverse cultural and social economic environments to work with many families, youth and displaced individuals. She has worked with the Homeless population, Ex-convicts, prostitutes, Orphans, Women’s groups, and Drug, Alcohol recovery Programs.

Roseby‘s Church has returned back to the ancient paths of Israel celebrating the feasts. They support Israel and the return of the Messiah and our Lord Jesus Christ. They are also an apostolic-five-fold Church based in Oregon. She is Holy-Spirit led, anointed in Healing and Deliverance Ministry. She travels throughout the United States and Internationally.

Roseby has appeared on several television programs including “Praise the Lord”(TBN), “Olelo” Television (Hawaii), and K-Praise Radio station (Portland,Oregon). She has also spoken at many conferences including “Jubilee of Love,” “Meet me at the Wall,” “Feast of Unleavened Bread,” “Back To Worship,” ”Nobel Peace Prize/ Youth Conference,” “Company of Women," and “ Company of Dreamers.”

She is recognized as a Prophetic-Evangelist, Teacher and Revivalist. Her Passion is for Healing and Deliverance. She invites you to help bring individuals and families back into the Kingdom of God and lead them to freedom with Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

The bible is divinely inspired and is the word of God. We believe in the the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary. He died for our sins, rose from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the Father. Jesus bore stripes on his back for our divine healing. In water baptism, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evidence of speaking in tongues, in the gifts of the spirit, and evidence of the fruit of the spirit. Jesus is returning soon!